Here At the End

As hard as it is for me to believe, 2019 is nearly over. It’s the end of the year, the end of a decade… feels like the end of a lot of things, so I feel like tying up loose ends.

While I didn’t make much of any progress on my declared intention this year, I did get a few neat fiber-related things accomplished. I facilitated a group tapestry project, taught a class in my neighborhood, and traveled to Peru! I tried a bit of natural dyework, washed a whole bunch of wool, and completed my second 100DaysofBatts project. I sold a wheel, cleaned out some stash to make room for new plans, and tried to refine my plans for The Yarnicorn as a business. I made some new fiber friends, and had some neat adventures, and got better at managing the balance between making art, parenting alone, and basic “me management” requirements. All told, it was a pretty good year.

So here I sit, at the edge of a new year full of goals and hopes, at the threshold of another decade, hopeful and curious about what comes next. I’m looking forward to making some new work. I’m excited about a few of the projects I’ve already got on the calendar for 2020. And I’m cautiously optimistic about how my ideas and goals will manifest in my life as I continue moving forward as an artist, a business owner, a single parent, and an average, decent human being in general.

One thing I’m NOT going to do to myself in 2020 is try to force any sort of social media presence. I’ll be here, mostly working, but I feel like this is a quiet, underground time in my process. My sincere hope is that we can all find a way to use our fiber pursuits to help each other, ourselves, and our planet in a sustainable, hopefully happy way. May 2020 bring all of that and more for you, and I hope you’re well, wherever you are in your artistic journey. Be warm, be well, be merry if you can. The light will be back soon enough.