Yarnicorn Fluff – Gold


Did you score a January 2016 “Dragons and Fantasy” Phat Fiber box? If so, you may have already experienced the magic of this spinning fiber!

“Yarnicorn Fluff” is our signature blend of soft Merino wool, premium A1 quality mulberry silk, trilobal sparkle nylon (“firestar”), and gold Stellina sparkle fiber. It's fantastically soft and a dream to spin. It makes great yarn as-is, but also takes dye beautifully.

*Don't worry. No Yarnicorns were harmed in the making of this product.

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Price is for 4 ounces undyed Combed Top (ideal for worsted or semi-worsted spinning)

Contains: Merino Wool, Silk, Nylon, Stellina

This product WILL felt. Please wash delicately in COOL water, avoiding agitation.


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